Pembroke Millpond, Castle Pond, Upper Millpond, and The Commons

A natural history trail leaflet is available free of charge from the Foundry house in Pembroke. It takes the reader in a circular route round the town looking at many aspects of wildlife and nature – with an option of continuing on through the Holyland Wood (a 21C Community Association project) where there is a boardwalk trail through Alder Carr and Reedbed, or also with the option of returning to the small carpark via a top path through the old wood. Pembroke Commons Pembroke Commons was

The Castle and Quays – North, South, and Monkton Bridge Quays

The Castle and Quays – North, South and Monkton Bridge Quays Ancient origins It is likely that boats and ships were using the area of the three old town quays for two thousand years or more. Romans used waterways as a matter of preference, as did the Viking invaders; and traders from the continent and Ireland would have all visited this fertile area of Pembrokeshire (old Deheubarth), where there would have been fine early settlements surrounding what is now Pembroke Castle. The Monkton bridge side of