Public Transport

Public Transport was once by coach and horses - horse drawn charabancs were used into the early Twentieth Century.

This photo below was passed to the Pembroke Story but we do not know who it belongs to or where it was taken locally - if anyone recognises it please let us know.



We do know, thanks to Peter Hurlow-Jones (a great source of information, thankyou Peter!) about the first bus service in Pembroke.

Ford's Buses were operated from the North Quay.

Later Silcox buses appeared and the Company continued to operate locally until it was placed into Administration in June 2016.


Miss Jean Williams snapped this Silcox bus whilst boarding the ferry - in those days buses were put on the ferry by crane!


There was also a problem getting to the station and some road adjustments were necessary. Ian Campbell tells the story.


The first taxi service was operated by the firm of J & A Stephens of East Back.

Later Campbell's Garage had a thriving taxi service driving Chrysler cars as pictured below. In the picture is Mr Ron Campbell - his nephew Ian tells the story.