Pembroke Main Street:-                                                                                              Finding out about the town's historic Main Street.                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                        Many of the buildings in Pembroke's half-mile long Main Street have been in existence for two hundred years or more, with the exception of a few 1970s modernisations. The street follows a layout that is nearly a thousand years old, and a track of some sort was probably laid out a thousand years before that.

The Dolly Mixture Project is the working title of this local history study of Main Street, and gets its description from the confectionary of the same name. The variety of colours is seen in the different facades of the houses in Main Street.

The north side of Main Street begins at the Castle with a row of houses called Castle Terrace, which is made up of nine properties. Castle Terrace and the Main Street itself are divided by the steep, sloped hill of Northgate Street (or the Darklin as it is known by local residents) that leads up from the Millbridge, and then roughly half way along the Main Street is a break in house numbers. Here the road divides into Hamilton Terrace and East Back, only to meet again a little further along at number 90, finally continuing on to East End Square.

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